Türker Teke

Civil Engineer, Programmer


(537) - 712-3689


Born on October, 25th in Erzincan, Turkey.

B type Driver’s License

Interested in every kind of sports, especially watching them. Also interested in tracking on technological developments frequently and love flying drones.

Special interest in computers and teamwork.

My object in work life is to work on engineering projects that require coding while working with team of good engineers.


Web Design

Responsive web designing knowledge with AngularJS.

Interface Design

Basic interface development knowledge in MATLAB and VB.NET.

Algorithmic Talent

Able to see algorithmic properties in a problem and pass them onto computer codes.


  • HTML & CSS
  • RC Drone Pilot
  • PHP
  • MS Excel & VBA
  • VB.NET/C#
  • C/C++
  • Javascript (AngualarJS & NodeJS)
  • Python


METU Civil Engineering Department

Reseach Assistant & Computer Coordinator

December 2013-

Working in the departments IT related tasks. Including server maintanence, web development & remote assistance while studying on the UAV use in geotechnical engineering.[2]

METU Civil Engineering Department

Applied Innovative Interdisciplinary Research Lab(AI2LAB)


Worked as undergraduate and graduate research assistant in the department. Worked on research projects associated with AI2LAB.

METU Civil Engineering Department

Applied Innovative Interdisciplinary Research Lab(AI2LAB) - Intern

Summer 2011

During the internship, developed high MATLAB knowledge, worked on a structural optimization research paper. [1]

METU Civil Engineering Department

Ce300 Intern

Summer 2010

Completed the basic surveying project and required training with satisfactory grade.


Middle East Technical University, Ankara

Civil Engineering Bachelors Degree

Recent Works

Project Cankus

A project about using UAV's after disasters for search, rescue and damage assesment. Finished in Q2 2015. With AI2LAB.

METU Civil Engineering Phonebook

Development of an interactive phonebook query website and android application.

Languages:PHP, Javascript

Metu Civil Engineering Integrated Panel

Development, maintanence and improvements of METU CE integrated panel, web based management and scheduling software.

Languages: Javascript (NodeJS & AngularJS)


[1]Hasançebi, O., Teke, T., Pekcan, O.

A bat-inspired algorithm for structural optimization

(2013) Computers and Structures, 128, pp. 77-90.


#5 most downloaded article in Computers and Structures journal as of December 2013

[2]Pekcan, O., Ersöz, A.B., Teke, T.

Pavement crack detection using Unmanned Air Vehicles

(2016) Transportation Research Board 95th. Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. USA

[3]Pekcan, O., Ersoz, A.B., Teke, T., Dogan, G.G., Tarakcioglu, G.O., Baykal, C.

Damage Identification of Coastal Structures Using Image Processing Techniques

(2016) 35th International Conference on Coastal Engineering, Istanbul, TURKEY.